About Us

Welcome back my friends.

After a journey of discovery and realisation we have returned to our passion and joy. 

Upon reflection the most memorable and enjoyable times have been in our businesses with our customers, staff, family and fabulous food.

Pichai and I are humbled to have been allowed to be part of many of your lives and personal occasions throughout the years and we have built friendships with many of you that we could never have imagined. 

We have raised our 3 daughters and worked throughout the Western suburbs for the past 14 plus years .

TingLish allows us to offer you our new customers and past treasured friends and customers a unique and personal experience, we wanted to create a venue that feels like you can relax, live laugh and enjoy times with your loved ones. 

I personally thanks all of your for your patronage and support and for being such awesome friends and now family to us. 

Our family Pichai, myself and our daughters hope you enjoy your time with us and look forward to many more occasions in the future.